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Suppliers of Architectural Door Hardware

DoorFix are proud distributors of Kilargo products throughout Southern Sydney, Wollongong and the NSW South Coast.

Kilargo provides simple and smart fire safety products to maximise the comfort and performance of commercial and multi-occupancy buildings. The innovative fire safety products are designed to contain the spread of fire, smoke and sound with many also providing weather protection and energy savings. Our solutions are ideal for any commercial building, high-rise complex, health or education facility, and particularly for those in bush-fire prone areas and facilities looking to gain energy efficiencies.

From architectural door seals to intumescent fire dampers, our comprehensive range means we offer complete, integrated and cost-effective fire insulation solutions for your project.

Integrity Architectural Seals

Professionally manufactured to exacting standards, Integrity Architectural Seals have been developed by Kilargo for use in modern healthcare, commercial, industrial and public buildings. The seals provide an exceptional, cost-effective solution for containing sound, limiting the spread of fire and smoke, energy efficiency and preventing weather infiltration.

Extruded Elastomeric Seals (1000 Series)

A comprehensive range of self-adhesive and kerf-fitting seals, helping to provide a barrier to smoke, sound and weather.

Threshold Seals (3000 Series)

Ideal for sealing the gap between the door bottom and floor — a commonly overlooked area that is essential to achieve containment of weather, smoke, sound and energy.

Threshold Plates and Ramps (4000 Series)

Threshold plates are fitted to the sill under doors providing an optimum sealing surface for door bottom seals. Available in aluminium (and stainless steel options), threshold plates offer an elevated sealing plane, providing solutions to excessive resistance often encountered with carpeted, uneven or sloping floors. Widths from 25mm to 150mm.

Sweep Action Seals (5000 Series)

These nylon brush filament and silicone blade type seals provide alternative sealing solutions to many difficult-to-seal door configurations, such as double swing leaves, sliding, revolving or roller shutter doors.

Magnetic Seals (6000 Series)

A range of perimeter seals fitted with gaskets incorporating a strip magnet that, when attracted to opposing magnetic surfaces, extends to form a positive seal.

Perimeter Seals (7000 Series)

A comprehensive range of perimeter seals designed to fit around the head, jambs and meeting stiles of doors, providing an effective barrier to noise, smoke, weather and draughts.

Automatic Door Bottom Seals (8000 Series)

Automatic door bottom seals incorporate a spring-loaded mechanism that automatically lowers to seal the gap as the door closes and retracts as it is opened. They are available in either face-fixed, semi-rebated or fully mortised options.

Specialty Seals (9000 Series)

Trapping fingers in hinged doors can cause horrendous injuries, especially in locations where children are present. The range of Kilargo finger guard seals can provide the deterrent.